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Allow us to customise a bespoke mental health programs in 3 simple steps…

Choose your Content

We offer a full suite of Wellbeing Programs for Leaders and Employees. Simply choose from our comprehensive list of science backed and evidence-based Wellbeing topics – or let us choose for you.

Some of our favourites include…

Build Mental Muscles
Stress Management Basics
Stinking Thinking
Stress Less for a Resilient Mind
Neuroscience of Wellbeing
Mindfulness for Focus
The Neuroscience of Performance

Rewire Your Brain
Clutter Busting for the Hybrid Worker
Creating Calm
Managing Stress in the Body
Growth Mindset

Riding the Coronacoaster
The Resilient Manager
Reset, Renew and Recovery
Reboot Your Brain
Leadership for Wellbeing
Mindful Teams
Food for Mood

And much more…

Next, Choose Your Fully Flexible and
Customised Delivery Method

Face to Face
Large Group
Small Group

We Have You Covered!


We offer everything from face to face Pop-Ups to online virtual small or large group Pop-Up Webinars, or even e-learning.

Our training is delivered as standalone events, or can be part of a comprehensive calendar or even multi day programs.

Embed & Sustain Learnings Via the MindFit App
– For Free – You’re Welcome 😊

So, what happens after the music ends?

We will also give your Employees 12 months free access to the MindFit at Work App – That’s what.

We built our app to enable you to embed and sustain learnings from our sessions via meditations and #hacks to support your employees’ happiness, resilience, and mental health.

The App also includes an Organisation wide mood dashboard to help you get real-time insights on your employees’ wellbeing.

How could you say no to that?

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Spotify, Netflix, Singapore Government, Google, Astra Zeneca, Dulux, National University of Singapore …

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